8 genius solutions for your pets in the kitchen


You love your pets — there’s no question about that. But sometimes their stuff can be hard to incorporate into your space. When it comes to food and water bowls, beds, crates, and even kibble storage there are plenty of ways to seamlessly make your furry friends part of your home — including the kitchen.
Here are eight genius ways to organize your pet supplies in your kitchen.
  1. Hidden Bowls: Especially if you don’t leave food down for your pets all day, these hidden food and water bowls will come in handy. Slide them out at meal time and hide them away the rest of the day. (Although, it’s probably best to keep water down all day long.)
  2. Eating & Sleeping StationWhat looks like a former secretary desk was easily converted into an eating and sleeping station with just a few updates. We love that it not only accommodates this blogger’s feline friend, but also provides storage for those important things like cat brushes, medicine, and even a treat or two.
  3. Cabinet BedIf you’re planning a kitchen remodel, be sure to build in some space for your pup as well. We love this little nook built directly into the cabinet. It’s the coziest way for your dog to feel close to you when you’re in your kitchen.
  4. Built-In GateThis built-in gate is a real “why didn’t we think of that” upgrade. It’s perfect for new puppies to keep them penned in to a specific area when you’re cooking and don’t want them underfoot. Or for older dogs when you need to keep them in a specific place when you leave the house.
  5. Counter CrateThis built-in crate takes the cabinet bed a step further. If you are in the habit of crating your dogs when you go out or at night to keep them from roaming the house, this crate is the perfect solution. The only downside? Any cabinet storage space you’d be giving up.
  6. Food Storage Drawer: We love the idea of keeping kibble in a pull-out like this. Just be warned that larger dogs (especially smart ones!) might be able to figure out a way to get this cabinet open. If you opt for this food storage solution, invest in some childproofing gadgets as well.
  7. See-Through ContainersIf you have several different pets, and they all get different kinds of food, set up this system of clear storage containers (all well labeled, of course). That way you’ll be able to tell when supplies are running low at a glance.
  8. Cat PlaygroundOkay this is technically in a home office, but we couldn’t resist including it since we’re guessing this man has a pretty great setup in his kitchen too. You’d have to if you had 18 cats!

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