Contemporary Kitchens at Inova


Simplicity is extremely important in a contemporary kitchen. Clean lines, no clutter and simple materials bound together to create what we would describe as a functional work of art.

It is very easy to over complicate a kitchen by trying too hard and trying to put too much in, however through experience we find the most beautiful kitchens are the ones where our client has modest expectations.

Space is also key in contemporary kitchens in order to get it right. There needs to be an airiness about the kitchen despite its size without being put off using touches of bold colours to create a striking contrast of energy and vibrancy adding signature elements which can be unique to your design.

At Inova we are not afraid to push back and be brutally honest throughout the design process with our clients as we feel that this creates a more productive and educational journey for our customer.

We are sensitive to the fact that in more recent times, the kitchen is not just about function, but equally about lifestyle. We aim to balance the ease of use and practicality of your kitchen with the look and feel.

To find out more about our kitchen design process please contact us on 01582 876888.

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